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whirlwind 20" x 60"  $1,250
whirlwind 20″ x 60″ $1,250

this is an older piece and one of my more abstract. it has very high impasto and vibrant color. it’s based on a double vortex of fall leaves i once saw.

featured image birches askew


birches askew 14" x 60" $2500
birches askew 14″ x 60″ $2500

this is my most recent large work. it has a high impasto and vibrant color. the stained glass effect of the background works particularly well against the very figurative birches. it looks great in any room.

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the birches ( 36" x 48" ) na
the birches ( 36″ x 48″ ) na

this is another in the fall series of paintings i did several years ago. high impasto and vibrant color. i really like the way the solid forms of the trees play against the geometric, almost pixilated, abstraction of the background. this piece was donated to the hole in the woods art auction. i never did find out where it ended up, or what was paid for it.

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autumn-leaves ( 20 x 60 ) na
autumn-leaves ( 20 x 60 ) na

this large piece, done in high impasto, is part of a series i did which featured an almost stained glass like appearance. unfortunately, the photo does nor capture the sense of space and depth which this piece projects. when you stand in front of it you feel almost like you can walk into the scene.