featured image lola


lola  27" x  32" na
lola 27″ x 32″ na

this is another recent piece done for jim c at vintage exotics http://www.vintageexotics.com/default.htm. different composition in this one. i like the rake of the car and how it seems to be hurtling towards the viewer through corner. it almost makes you feel like you need to hang on to something.

featured image porche 944


porche 944 24" x 36" na
porche 944 24″ x 36″ na

this is the most recent painting completed for jim c at http://vintageexotics.net/Vintage_Exotics/About.html. these paintings are based on photos that jim provides; they are of cars that jim has restored and races. it was a cool shot to work off of, as it gave me quite a lot of leeway to deal with the background. it also called into play my time painting signs, though on a much smaller scale. as a painting it works quite well. it kind of has the feeling of the end of an endurance race. which it was.

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cafe vero albany  (3' x 4' ) NA
cafe vero albany (3′ x 4′ ) NA

this is the second piece i did for ryan miller and cafe vero; this one for their albany location. again varied styles of, especially randomizing color fields. the drip painting of the cup works especially well, i think, against the kind of minimalist pointillism of the table cloth and exuberant pointillism of the coffee. the flat reflection of downtown albany in the spoon, acts as a signifier and creates a nice counterpoint to the texture of the rest of the piece.

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lake george cafe vero ( 3' x 4' ) na
lake george cafe vero ( 3′ x 4′ ) na

this large piece was commissioned by ryan miller for the cafe vero in lake george new york. i used a variety of techniques in this work. i used a high impasto pointillist approach for the coffee , smooth glazed surface for the cup, textured faux woodgrain for the table and a combination of bars and dots for the water. i often use various methods of representation or visual vocabularies in my work to develop contrast, harmony, and to direct the attention of the viewer.

featured image Final Chicane

le mans corvette ( 2' x 3' ) NA
le mans corvette ( 2′ x 3′ ) NA

this piece  is the second in a series of automotive paintings commissioned by jim cantrell of team raptor and vintage exotics competition engineering in phoenix AZ. a Corvette; it is a GT-1 class running at le mans.  It also ran IMSA GTO back in the day.  the painting is derived from a photo which is quite dark and blurred.  i sharpened and brightened the image and after much research even uncovered the  advertising in the background, which is distorted beyond recognition in the photo. the painting has a great ambience and captures some of the change of speed  the car (and viewer) experience through the final chicane. for this series i am keeping the surface fairly flat, with texture implied and impasto (which i enjoy using in most of my other work) kept to a minimum.

featured image American Telco

American Telco  ( 2' x3' ) NA
American Telco ( 2′ x3′ ) NA

this piece; “american telco” is the first in a series of automotive paintings commissioned by jim cantrell of team raptor and vintage exotics competition engineering in phoenix AZ. it is a pretty straight forward project.  the point of focus in the original photo was behind the driver, with all the motion in front of the car. for the painting i moved the point of focus forward, and added some sense of motion at the back. i also intensified the color and the contrast making for a very nice painting of a very fast car.