About the Artist

I was born in western New York, received my BS from The College of Wooster in Ohio and my MfA from Utah State University, and have been painting in the Adirondacks for the last twenty five years.  My home and studio is in Pottersville, where I live with my wife Leona, and my children Rosie and Django.  I also own and operate Laminate and Frame; a picture framing gallery in Glens Falls.

Artistically, I have always enjoyed vibrant color and strong design. I also am intrigued by high graphics and texture, their inherent paradox and tension.  Intellectually, I am fascinated by the processes of isolation and integration.  Personally, I believe art has to be about expression and vision, and ultimately the ability of an object to change the state of mind of an observer.

In terms of subject matter, although I have concentrated on landscape, I enjoy painting everything from portraits to animals, cars to street scenes.  I draw from  a wide range of styles and visual vocabularies, but the work I do is always recognizable as my own.  I am particularly adept at combining my skills with clients desires to create art for specific spaces.