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a northern family ( 3' x 5' )
a northern family ( 3′ x 5′ )

this image has a rather interesting history. it originally was part of my senior is project at the college of wooster , where i did my undergraduate work. it started as a piece about the vanishing ohio landscape. i did some sketches of the house and started painting, i went back to get one final sketch before finishing the painting, but by the time i had gone back to do my final sketch, the house had been torn down. i was so chagrined i painted over the house in my piece. the final version had a clear blue sky over an empty field. unfortunatly, after twenty years of bad storage, the image had been damaged and i decided to do a horse painting over top. my friend colleen sacalla really liked this painting when it hung in the ridge st cafe. now instead of making coffee she is raising free range chickens, and we worked out a barter arrangement. horse for chicken. feasts for her eyes and my tummy.

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