le mans corvette ( 2' x 3' ) NA

le mans corvette ( 2′ x 3′ ) NA

this piece  is the second in a series of automotive paintings commissioned by jim cantrell of team raptor and vintage exotics competition engineering in phoenix AZ. a Corvette; it is a GT-1 class running at le mans.  It also ran IMSA GTO back in the day.  the painting is derived from a photo which is quite dark and blurred.  i sharpened and brightened the image and after much research even uncovered the  advertising in the background, which is distorted beyond recognition in the photo. the painting has a great ambience and captures some of the change of speed  the car (and viewer) experience through the final chicane. for this series i am keeping the surface fairly flat, with texture implied and impasto (which i enjoy using in most of my other work) kept to a minimum.